Friday night at DCDungeon was definitely an odd one.  DCDungeon was having an open play night as planned, and nature was planning to send a derecho through the Washington DC area.

The night started out normally enough.  Hope and I went over to DCDungeon for open play, paid our admission, said hello, and got started.  Today, Hope was trying something out on me that she had recently learned at a fetish event.  For this, I stripped down to my shorts (the shorts I was wearing when I entered – not boxer shorts) was given a rope harness around my chest, and then my hands were tied behind me with rope handcuffs.  No rope around the legs, no blindfold, and no gag.  However, I was told to be quiet, or else the play would end – mental bondage.  Then I was told to bend over the padded massage table, which I did.  So I was bent over, with my chest and stomach on the top of the table, feet on the ground, head over the back side of the table, and my behind in the air.  I was ready to go.

Hope certainly went to town on me, for sure.  She used various implements on my backside, emphasizing how it hurts more and more as you strike the same spot over and over again.  Then another person came in and allowed Hope to use his bamboo cane.  I had never been caned before.  I was about to be.  The strikes were fairly light, but with enough of them in quick succession, I really started to feel it.  But according to Hope, it wasn’t as fun doing the caning through clothes since she couldn’t see marks.  So that was the end of my shorts.  Hope undid my belt, and removed my shorts.  She also removed my underwear, dropping both to the floor around my ankles.  I stepped out of them the rest of the way and then pushed them to the side with my feet, somewhat to Hope’s annoyance.

Now, with my backside exposed, Hope started working with the cane, striking me on the backside, doing the same method as before, with strikes on the lighter end of the scale, but many in rapid succession.  She also used the cane at one point to do some gentle stimulation on my penis and my testicles.  That felt interesting, yet pleasurable.  At one point during the caning, as Hope announced that she was going to see something, it was like, *swat*, *swat*, *swat*, “YELLOW!”  Apparently I wasn’t as tough as I had hoped.  But all was well.

While we were playing, however, the storm outside was making itself known.  While I was getting caned, the lights started to flicker.  Then they went out, and the emergency lighting came on.  Then the lights came back on.  Then more flickering.  Then out.  Then on.  Then out again.  More flickering, more lights out, more back on, more flickering, and then off for good.  With no windows in the dungeon and a remarkably soundproof space, the only way that we could tell that the storm was going on was the loss of power (and didn’t even realize it was the storm at first).  We were otherwise oblivious to the conditions outside.

My scene with Hope ended not long after the lights went out for good.

With the lights out, we had to clear out of Studio C, the main dungeon space, because there was no emergency lighting in that room.  Because the power was completely out, the normal way things went wasn’t what happened this time.  For instance, play is normally not allowed in the front room.  The group in the dungeon that night ended up going over there to play.  With the power out, no one could see us, and people ended up giving a person a flogging, and giving rise to the word of the night: “Fuckbeans!”  As the person was being flogged, after a particularly strong blow, they shouted, “FUCKBEANS!”  Everyone got a laugh out of it, and a few folks suggested that it should become a fetish on FetLife.  In minutes, it was so, and now you can add it as a fetish on FetLife.

After the owner of the dungeon space did a little exploring around the area to assess the situation, they found that the area around DCDungeon looked like a war zone, with trees and tree parts everywhere, and at least one way out of the neighborhood blocked.  The offer was made that if people wanted to spend the night, they were welcome to, and that there were mattresses in a storeroom that we were welcome to use.  I didn’t expect to stay overnight at DCDungeon, but I guess I would see how things went.  Realize that it was dark out, and there were newly-placed hazards all around, including possibly downed power lines.

However, with the power out and the invitation to spend the night in effect, and the emergency lights on, play continued, as we ended up settling into Studio B.  Various folks ended up doing a few more scenes, and I got a flogging with a coil of rope (which felt soooo good).  We certainly had fun.  Even though we could have gone on playing all night, the play ultimately wound down around 2:00, which is the normal closing time for DCDungeon.  Some folks went home, and while I originally planned to find my way home at night, I soon realized that I was tired, and considering all of the hazards out on the road and the lack of light, I considered it most prudent to stay the night at DCDungeon.  So I went into the storeroom, pulled out a mattress, placed it on the ground in Studio B, and settled in for the night.

Ultimately, four of us spent the night at DCDungeon, along with one of the operators of the dungeon.  Two folks shared one mattress on the floor, and Hope and I shared another mattress.  Surprisingly, despite the conditions, I slept fairly well at DCDungeon.  I woke up around 7:45 AM feeling fairly refreshed.  I got Hope up around 8:00, and we put the mattress away, gathered up our stuff, and headed out, closing the doors behind us as instructed.

Leaving DCDungeon, Montgomery County looked like a war zone.  The neighborhood that DCDungeon is in had tree limbs down all over the place.  The power was out over much of Montgomery County, and most traffic lights did not work.  If it tells you anything, between DCDungeon in Rockville and my house in Silver Spring, I go through nine traffic lights.  Only one of those nine traffic lights was working on this particular morning.  Needless to say, it was a very wise move to stay the night at DCDungeon.

Only thing is that I don’t really have my own story of the derecho that I can tell my vanilla friends, since while the storm was going on, I was tied up, stripped naked, bent over a table, and being caned.  Totally worth it, though, because all in all, this was a very memorable night, and one that I will not soon forget.  The play was good, and the memories of the adventure will last a lifetime.