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The feeling of anticipation…

So Friday night was fun!  Hope and I went up to Baltimore to go to open play night at the Baltimore Play House.  That is a very different beast compared to DCDungeon, that’s for sure.  While DCDungeon is most definitely an office building in its character, the Play House has a certain charm to it.  My understanding is that the Play House has been around since the mid 1990s, and then I believe that the building is much older than that.  It has an attached parking garage, and the atmosphere was very friendly.  Hope and I did two scenes while at the Play House.

The first scene involved bondage, sensation play, impact play, and some very light knife play.  First, however, we needed to get a few things set up.  The Play House has a rig with a lot of heavy cabling on it that can be paid out as needed, and we needed to pay out some of the cables to accommodate our scene (you’ll see).  Once we got the cables at the right length, we got all the equipment ready.  I had bought two ballgags online recently, and was going to be gagged with one of them.  One is a conventional ballgag, and the other is a trainer ballgag that I got at an amazing discount.  I wanted to be gagged with the trainer, but unfortunately, I had forgotten one of the parts for it.  Thus I would be gagged conventionally.  We were also going to take a blindfold that I had bought online out for a spin for the first time.

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The language of things…

People could (and do) write volumes on language and terminology, and on how we use language to define ourselves.  In my four months in the scene, I have thought about what words get used in places quite a bit.

One thing I’ve always found interesting about content of a sexual nature is the use of “naughty words” over plainer language.  For instance, the rear end is usually referred to as “ass”, and not as “behind”, “backside”, or even “butt”.  Likewise, I’ve noticed that the penis is usually referred to as “cock”.  I’ve always found it interesting, mostly because I find such terms to be uncouth, even when used sexually.  Maybe it’s just me. I wonder if others feel similarly about the use of “foul language” as the normal term.  However, the use of foul language is more just a pet peeve of mine than anything else.  I’m not fond of it, but whatever. If it makes people tick, then more power to them, I suppose.

The terms that I think about most are the terms “dominant”, “submissive”, “top”, and “bottom”.  That thinking usually centers around how I identify myself in that concept set as I learn more about my own style and behaviors in scene settings.  Going in back in January, I thought that dominant = top and top = dominant, and likewise I thought that submissive = bottom and bottom = submissive.  In other words, I thought that the terms were exactly equivalent.  Now I know that the terms are not necessarily the same.

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My first time on top, and then a “stingy” flogging…

Sometimes you never know how things are going to work out.  On a visit to DCDungeon in late March, Hope and I took turns at being the top and the bottom across two scenes.

Prior to the first scene, Hope and I wandered around the Studio C room a little bit, and checked out various corners and such to see what was there that we could get into trouble with.  While we didn’t use most of what we found for various reasons, we did find a whole lot of plastic wrap.  We also found the nitrile gloves.  I believe that the gloves are normally used as barriers during penetrative play, but we each put a pair of gloves on just on account of being goofy.  Hope had two black gloves on, and I had a black glove and a blue glove.  There was absolutely no reason for us to have gloves on for what we were doing, but we wanted to try them out, and so we did (just go with it).

The first scene had me as the top and Hope as the bottom.  She wanted to be something of a mermaid, as some of the plastic wrap that we had found was green.  So first thing’s first, and I tied Hope’s ankles together with rope to make a simple two-column tie.  I also did her knees in a similar way.  I also attached a second rope to the original tie on her ankles, in order to facilitate lifting her legs up for the plastic wrap (easier to pull a rope up than to push from below).  Then out came the plastic wrap.  First I used a small roll of clear wrap to serve as something of a base.  Then the green wrap came out, and I expended the green wrap on her legs – to make her a proper mermaid.  Then I took the third roll of plastic wrap that we found and really went to town.  This was a big roll of industrial-size wrap, and I finished the package of her legs quite well.  Protip: start from the largest areas that will be wrapped and work down from there.  It’s much more difficult when you do it the other way and have to work “uphill”, because the wrap resists going from smaller to larger areas and will try to go back down.

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