Sometimes you never know how things are going to work out.  On a visit to DCDungeon in late March, Hope and I took turns at being the top and the bottom across two scenes.

Prior to the first scene, Hope and I wandered around the Studio C room a little bit, and checked out various corners and such to see what was there that we could get into trouble with.  While we didn’t use most of what we found for various reasons, we did find a whole lot of plastic wrap.  We also found the nitrile gloves.  I believe that the gloves are normally used as barriers during penetrative play, but we each put a pair of gloves on just on account of being goofy.  Hope had two black gloves on, and I had a black glove and a blue glove.  There was absolutely no reason for us to have gloves on for what we were doing, but we wanted to try them out, and so we did (just go with it).

The first scene had me as the top and Hope as the bottom.  She wanted to be something of a mermaid, as some of the plastic wrap that we had found was green.  So first thing’s first, and I tied Hope’s ankles together with rope to make a simple two-column tie.  I also did her knees in a similar way.  I also attached a second rope to the original tie on her ankles, in order to facilitate lifting her legs up for the plastic wrap (easier to pull a rope up than to push from below).  Then out came the plastic wrap.  First I used a small roll of clear wrap to serve as something of a base.  Then the green wrap came out, and I expended the green wrap on her legs – to make her a proper mermaid.  Then I took the third roll of plastic wrap that we found and really went to town.  This was a big roll of industrial-size wrap, and I finished the package of her legs quite well.  Protip: start from the largest areas that will be wrapped and work down from there.  It’s much more difficult when you do it the other way and have to work “uphill”, because the wrap resists going from smaller to larger areas and will try to go back down.

After the wrap was done, Hope asked to be blindfolded, and indicated where to find her blindfold.  I got it, and she put it on.  Then I did her arms.  Previously, Hope had indicated that she could get out of just about any tie that someone could put her in on account of growing up with boys, and so my challenge was to come up with something that she couldn’t escape from.  I found a metal bar in Studio C earlier, and brought that in.  Then I did a two loop cat’s paw knot, which I learned in a CUFF rope class in Charlottesville a few weeks prior, and which makes a good, quick one-column tie.  So I did one cat’s paw on her right wrist, and attached the rope to the bar.  Then I repeated on the left side.  And get this – she couldn’t get out of it!  I succeeded in putting her in something that she couldn’t get out of without trying all that hard.  But she was indeed not getting out of it.

Now that she was tied up, this was where I really learned about topping.  I admit freely that I had never been the top before this.  In all of my kinky fantasies, I had always been on the bottom, and I was the bottom every time that I had played prior to this.  I learned a lot in this scene, as Hope helped me in becoming a good top.  Topping requires a lot of concentration, and requires that one pay very close attention to the bottom’s reactions.  And I really didn’t know anything about this.  Hope described my first moves as the top as being like, “Ooooh, boobies!”  After that characterization of my work, I believe that I could only improve from there.  And I did.  I figured out how to read reactions, and did fairly well for a first-time top, using a feather and a few other implements to engage in some sensation play.

Then when Hope was ready to come out, I got the safety shears and cut off the plastic wrap, and then untied the rope.  Not bad!  After a break (and taking off our gloves, which we still had on), it was time for the tables to be turned.  Now I was going to be the bottom, and Hope was going to be the top, which was the arrangement that I was more accustomed to.  We were going to do a flogging scene, and so first thing’s first: I picked off the wall the various implements to be used on me, and then laid them out.  I was in a bit of a “taily” mood, and so everything I picked had many tails on it.  No wooden paddles, and no “dragon tail” whips.

After this, it was time to prepare me for my flogging.  First, I stripped down to nothing.  Yes, I was going around naked in the dungeon space – a strange feeling for a first time.  But after a few minutes, being naked in the dungeon felt pretty natural.  Then I stood against the St. Andrew’s Cross, facing it.  First thing Hope did was use plastic wrap to secure my legs to the cross.  Then she used a ballgag to gag me.  After that, she used plastic wrap to secure my arms to the cross similarly to how she did my legs.  And lastly, a blindfold.  I normally use a green bandanna folded like a blindfold, and so that was tied around my eyes.  Everything seems far more intense when you can’t see it.

Thinking about it, I must have been something of an amusing sight.  After all, I was naked, bound to a cross with plastic wrap, ballgagged, and blindfolded.  I was definitely someone’s bitch right about then, because I wasn’t going anywhere.  You wouldn’t think that plastic wrap would be that secure, but if you use enough of it and wrap a large enough area, it will hold a person quite well.

And now it was time to get some flogging going.  I could certainly feel the sting of the various floggers, and as my skin became more sensitized with each blow, the feeling of each blow became more and more intense.  This was also when I realized that I needed a new gag.  The strap wasn’t in that great of shape to begin with, and I had serious concerns, as the flogging was going on, that I would bite through this hollow, “breathable” ball.  I didn’t end up biting through it, but it was a sign that I needed a higher quality gag.  This is also when I realized how good of a hold the plastic wrap had on me.  I struggled against my restraints a bit, and they were holding me tightly.

This was definitely a scene where I was testing my limits.  I don’t know how long I went, because the passage of time always seems distorted when you’re in a BDSM scene.  I couldn’t tell you if it had been fifteen minutes or an hour.  One of the more amusing moments is when Hope had to yell to me, “BREATHE!”  I didn’t realize that I had been holding my breath.  I exhaled, and then pow.  Another blow with the flogger caused me to sharply draw in another breath.  Eventually, I reached my limit, and called the agreed-upon safeword: snapping fingers.

However, while I had reached my limit with the flogging, I was thoroughly off in the la-la land of subspace.  Hope asked me what I wanted to do from there, and I nodded when she mentioned just letting me hang out for a while.  So that’s what I ended up doing.  I hung on that St. Andrew’s Cross for a little while – naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded – and just enjoying my impact-induced aura.

After a while hanging out, Hope got me loose, and we went back to get my phone for pictures.  I could certainly feel that there were marks, and I wanted to see them!  And so here they are:

My full backside, showing redness on my shoulder blades, behind, and thighs.
My full backside, showing redness on my shoulder blades, behind, and thighs.

Redness on my behind.
Redness on my behind.  I saw this photo and commented, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that I have such a baggy butt?”  I admit, though – I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past year through the adoption of much healthier lifestyle choices.  However, I think I also just found where all of the extra skin went.

Marks on my shoulder blades from the floggers.
Marks on my shoulder blades from the floggers.  Hope saw this and commented that you could tell that she was right-handed based on this, because the marks on my right shoulder were fairly close to vertical, while the marks on my left shoulder were definitely in a diagonal orientation.  I was impressed about the detail that was visible in the marks.  You can tell based on the marks that at least one of the floggers had braided tails!  I expected the marks would be a bit more uniform in color.

So all in all, I’d say we had a great play session!  My only complaint was that I felt that the gag went on prematurely.  My view on gags is that they should be the very last thing that goes on before any other fun begins.  Part of that is practical, and part of that is psychological.  From the practical standpoint, going without the gag while the rigging is happening means that if something is rubbing the wrong way or otherwise doesn’t feel right, I can clearly communicate that something is wrong before we go full-tilt into a scene (where I usually do want to be gagged).  It is difficult to communicate this through a gag (which means that the gag is quite effective).  From a psychological standpoint, for me, the gag is the cherry on top of the sundae.  I’m all tied up, and now by taking away my ability to speak, my submission is complete.  It also intensifies the feeling of the gag by having it go on last, because if it goes on before my hands are secured, I can remove it, even if only for a little while.  Plus it feels silly being gagged while not yet fully bound.  When the gag goes in last, I can’t remove it from the moment it goes in, and that causes some pretty powerful (and pleasurable) feelings in me.