Ever since the local governments rescinded much of the pandemic restrictions, I began going out as Jennifer a whole lot less than I was doing.  Let’s admit – it’s fun to be Jennifer, but she has her ups and downs.  One thing that I always enjoy is doing trips as Jennifer, where I am committed to her persona for the entire trip.  In those instances, I only pack stuff for Jennifer, and so I would have to buy an entire set of clothes to get out of Jennifer’s skin, which provides a barrier to a quick changeout.  After all, Jennifer as you have known her is entirely clothing, so she can be donned and doffed in relatively short order.  However, in the past year, I’ve changed how I present Jennifer a bit.  With the pandemic measures’ subsiding, I’ve found it harder to get away with Jennifer in the form that I’ve known her.  A gold bodysuit, while fun, is harder to justify now that masks are coming off.

One thing about masks-optional, though, is that while Jennifer was previously becoming somewhat routine, the option of not having to mask injected a level of fun back into her.  Now, Jennifer was once again a special occasion.  She was something different and exciting.  Though initially, Jennifer kept her usual presentation, i.e. the gold bodysuit, as I continued to dress in the gold bodysuit for Jennifer through the end of 2021.

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