Lately, I’ve been looking for a house, in order to get more room to move around, and finally own a place rather than renting.  Build some equity and make a living space that is all my own.  And one of the things that I have grown to dislike about my current place – a one-bedroom apartment – is that I have no place for play.  Basically, there’s the living room, which is right next to the vestibule, i.e. where the neighbors can hear you moan, and there’s the bedroom, which I don’t like having to straighten back up right before bed.  And no place to keep proper dungeon furniture.

Having lived in the same one-bedroom apartment for nearly a decade at this point, I am ready to move on and up.  I’m looking for a bigger house, preferably with an upstairs, a downstairs, and a basement.  Thus I would have my sleeping space, a place for vanilla entertaining, and a dungeon that I can fit out with proper dungeon furniture.  That way, I can have my kinky friends over the house for private play parties, plus have a place to go with the girlfriend for kinky time.

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