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A quick Sunday project makes the double roller more my style…

The double roller is now really “mine”.  Take a look:

The double roller, with a refinished handle

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A previously unknown dominant side?

Last weekend was an amusing time.  I was at a friend’s house with fellow kinksters and scene newcomers TerrificTeez and BroadSpectrum, and along with other activities, we played in the basement for a little while.  However, interestingly enough, that wasn’t how it started out.

Since this was both TerrficTeez and BroadSpectrum’s first time visiting this particular friend’s house, I showed them the basement, which has served as a dungeon on a few occasions (something about a basement space makes it seem uniquely suited for kink).  I initially took BroadSpectrum down to show her the space, best described as a fairly ordinary basement with a couch, a coffee table, and a decent amount of open space with area rugs, and then show her how some of my various implements worked and felt.  I don’t think I’ve had or seen this much laughter in a scene in a long time (or ever).

The first thing that I demonstrated to BroadSpectrum was the rope.  My usual go-to for rope is a soft, manmade-fiber clothesline that I bought for a fairly low price at Home Depot.  It came in a pack of 200 feet, and I cut it into 50 feet in order to be suitable for my needs.  Also needing to take a picture to use as a profile pic, after some discussion about how to do some tying for that, we agreed to tie BroadSpectrum’s wrists in front around a floor-to-ceiling pole.

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You know that the scene must have been intense if I needed a recovery period afterward…

I’ve done enough scenes by now to know how I’m going to respond to things.  I know that I don’t like having the bottoms of my feet played with (too sensitive).  I know that I don’t like being struck on the backside too many times in a row because it becomes too intense too quickly.  Same goes for other stinging impact play.  Hit the same place too many times, and I’ll end up calling a “yellow” on that in relatively short order.  Moving all around and giving each target a time to rebound before the next strike is okay, but not the same spot multiple times.  I know that I really like thuddy impact play, since it’s felt on a much deeper level.  And I have an idea about positions that I shouldn’t get myself into.

But when it comes to aftercare, I can usually get right up from a scene and be good to go.  Untie me and I need minimal assistance.  Maybe I’ll admire the rope marks for a few minutes, but otherwise, I’m good to go, though I admit that BDSM is somewhat physically draining for me (though I sleep quite well afterwards).  My needing an actual aftercare period to come back down and recover is highly unusual.  But a scene that I recently did with a friend was one of those scenes.

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