Last weekend was an amusing time.  I was at a friend’s house with fellow kinksters and scene newcomers TerrificTeez and BroadSpectrum, and along with other activities, we played in the basement for a little while.  However, interestingly enough, that wasn’t how it started out.

Since this was both TerrficTeez and BroadSpectrum’s first time visiting this particular friend’s house, I showed them the basement, which has served as a dungeon on a few occasions (something about a basement space makes it seem uniquely suited for kink).  I initially took BroadSpectrum down to show her the space, best described as a fairly ordinary basement with a couch, a coffee table, and a decent amount of open space with area rugs, and then show her how some of my various implements worked and felt.  I don’t think I’ve had or seen this much laughter in a scene in a long time (or ever).

The first thing that I demonstrated to BroadSpectrum was the rope.  My usual go-to for rope is a soft, manmade-fiber clothesline that I bought for a fairly low price at Home Depot.  It came in a pack of 200 feet, and I cut it into 50 feet in order to be suitable for my needs.  Also needing to take a picture to use as a profile pic, after some discussion about how to do some tying for that, we agreed to tie BroadSpectrum’s wrists in front around a floor-to-ceiling pole.

That ended up looking like this:

BroadSpectrum, with wrists tied in front, around the pole

I showed BroadSpectrum a number of my various implements, including a white brush from Staples, the Wartenberg pinwheels, the double roller, the comb, a wooden ruler, and a butter knife.

At this point, I called TerrificTeez to come down to the basement to show her the predicament that BroadSpectrum was in.  Much laughter ensued from both parties.  We took a few potential profile pictures (none of which really looked good), and then we went back to demonstrating my various implements.

Next up was my “flogger”, i.e. this:

Four leather belts tied together to make an impact toy

This is four leather belts that are held together with a rubber band to create an implement for thuddy impact play.  I use it as a flogger, and handle it like a flogger, and therefore, as far as I’m concerned, it is a flogger.  I had previously shown this flogger to TerrificTeez, but never was able to demonstrate it.  Now, I was able to demonstrate the use of it, and of floggers in general, after seeking and receiving permission from BroadSpectrum to administer a light flogging.  This covered all of the usual warnings for flogging, i.e. staying away from the kidneys, the spine, and various other areas, plus all of the different areas that one can have great fun with, e.g. upper back, shoulders, backside, legs, etc.

Next out of the bag was my hogtie set, which I wanted to demonstrate.  TerrificTeez agreed to help me demonstrate the hogtie set.  First I put cuffs on TerrificTeez’s wrists.  I tried to get the cuffs on her ankles over her boots, but it wouldn’t happen.  After she removed her boots, however, the cuffs went around her ankles quite easily.  After she laid down on the floor, I clipped the cuffs together, to make a very pretty package:

TerrificTeez, not going anywhere while wearing my hogtie set

TerrificTeez, not going anywhere while wearing my hogtie set

So now I had two – count ’em, two – captives.  It should be noted, by the way, that for someone who is somewhat introverted in real life, and who normally is the bottom, I was enjoying this demonstration far more than I should have been.  But that’s okay, because everyone was having fun.

Next out of the bag was a green bandanna, folded for use as a blindfold.  In the interest of demonstrating it for BroadSpectrum, I asked TerrificTeez if I could use it on her.  Receiving that permission, on it went, and TerrificTeez was without sight for a little while.  Then I pulled a ballgag out of the bag, asked TerrificTeez if I would be allowed to use it on her, and received permission.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that this was my first time gagging someone else.  I’ve been gagged for a scene many times in the past, either with the top’s putting the gag on me, or my putting the gag on myself.  I quickly determined that the best method to do this would be to stand behind my captive, straddling her, and putting it on her that way.  Ta-daa!  It should also be noted that BroadSpectrum was really enjoying this as well, laughing quite a bit.  I also found out later that it was TerrificTeez’s first time being gagged as well.

At this point, my friend came down to the basement to see what we were up to, and he saw the predicament that I had placed these two women in: one tied around a pole, and the other hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded.  And all this from a person who normally bottoms.  I was quite proud of myself.  I never realized that I had this dominant streak in me.  But there I was, thoroughly enjoying the fact that I had two captives at my mercy.  I just might have to explore this side of me a little bit more.

And then of course, after releasing both parties, I pointed out the fun of the end of the scene: the rope marks.  I love looking at rope marks at the end of a scene, because they are reminders of a fun time, even though they do go away after a few minutes.  These were BroadSpectrum’s rope marks:

BroadSpectrum's rope marks

Brief reminders of a fun time.  I consider it part of the enjoyment of the afterglow following a scene.

And I definitely hope that I get to enjoy more scenes with these two in the future.  So much fun.