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So Jennifer also did some bondage modeling…

When I became Jennifer to show off the back bedroom in the previous post, it was also something of a play session with a friend.  This was my first time getting tied up in far too long, and my first time doing so as Jennifer.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with the photo for the previous post, and was considering using multiple photos, so we did a lot of different poses.  I ended up using only one photo, because the post focused on hardware, and Jennifer was really only there for eye candy.  To use multiple photos of a model in various poses in a post about housing and other hardware would have made for a major tangent.

So here are the various other poses, starting with holding the spoon:

Jennifer poses with the spoon in the dungeon room

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I have a house, and now to get a little bit of dungeon equipment…

My, what a year it’s been.  Since last we spoke, I bought and furnished a townhouse in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC.  It has four levels, which means plenty of space for my girlfriend and me.  We each have our own bedrooms, with my bed in the master suite, and her bed in the finished basement.  That meant that the spare bedroom was upstairs, and thus, my dungeon is in an upstairs bedroom.  In my last post a year ago, I remarked, “After all, I could have a dungeon in an upstairs bedroom, but it wouldn’t be the same.”  Funny how things work out, as the play space ended up going upstairs.  But I think that an upstairs dungeon will work out pretty well, because the room has lots of other desirable features.

Here’s the room as it stands now, with Jennifer modeling:

Jennifer shows off the new dungeon room.

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