So Friday night was fun!  Hope and I went up to Baltimore to go to open play night at the Baltimore Play House.  That is a very different beast compared to DCDungeon, that’s for sure.  While DCDungeon is most definitely an office building in its character, the Play House has a certain charm to it.  My understanding is that the Play House has been around since the mid 1990s, and then I believe that the building is much older than that.  It has an attached parking garage, and the atmosphere was very friendly.  Hope and I did two scenes while at the Play House.

The first scene involved bondage, sensation play, impact play, and some very light knife play.  First, however, we needed to get a few things set up.  The Play House has a rig with a lot of heavy cabling on it that can be paid out as needed, and we needed to pay out some of the cables to accommodate our scene (you’ll see).  Once we got the cables at the right length, we got all the equipment ready.  I had bought two ballgags online recently, and was going to be gagged with one of them.  One is a conventional ballgag, and the other is a trainer ballgag that I got at an amazing discount.  I wanted to be gagged with the trainer, but unfortunately, I had forgotten one of the parts for it.  Thus I would be gagged conventionally.  We were also going to take a blindfold that I had bought online out for a spin for the first time.

Once we got all of the preparations in order, it was time to get started and be the bottom.  First I stripped down to my underwear.  Then a rope harness was put around my torso.  Then my hands were tied in front of me with a two column rope tie.  Then the blindfold went on, followed in short order by the gag.  Then my bound hands were attached to the cables that we had paid out earlier, and the cables were cranked back up, which meant that my hands were now restrained above my head.  I was definitely someone’s bitch right about then, with my being bound, gagged, and blindfolded, wearing nothing but my undies.

Once my restraints were complete, the sensations began.  First of all, let me say that I am very ticklish.  So this was definitely going to be fun.  First Hope used some light-touch items including a massage mitt.  That felt really neat.  Then we moved on to tickling.  That was a fun time.  Then the light knife play involved a shrimp deveiner (like this) that I had previously gotten online.  Hope is a whiz with the deveiner, using the smooth edges and the point to make a wonderful mix of feelings all over me, from light tickling to more of a scraping feeling.  It felt wonderful.  And then came the impact play.  Hope had a flogger of decent size with her this time, and used it on me.  Then after that was a feeling that I couldn’t quite figure out.  It was harder than the flogger, and felt like it was one piece (vs. the flogger’s many tails), and felt thuddier than the flogger did, but in my blindfolded state, I couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of me.  My best guess was that I was being hit with the other end of the flogger.  The flogger had a wooden handle on it that was about a foot long, and I thought I was being struck by the back end of it.  Surprise: I found out later after I was released and brought back down to earth that I was actually being beaten with a coil of rope, which I had previously enjoyed during a scene at DCDungeon a few weeks prior.

Surprisingly enough, perhaps the most intense feeling during this scene was the anticipation.  After all, I was bound, gagged, and blindfolded.  I only found out what was coming next when it hit me.  Thus when the touching stopped, I knew that something new was coming up next.  Without the aid of sight, I was left wondering what would be next, because I couldn’t see what anyone was doing.  There could have been fifty people in the room watching me squirm in my undies with kinky anticipation.  I wouldn’t know.  But that feeling of anticipation was powerful, and also quite pleasurable.  I’m not quite sure how to describe it.  The best way that I can come up with to describe it is that it’s that feeling that something will come in contact with you, perhaps suddenly and sharply, but not knowing what the feeling is going to be when it comes, not knowing what the “instrument of torture” will be, and also not knowing exactly when it will come.  In any case, though, it’s a very fun feeling.

Then the second scene was a wax play scene.  Hope and I had been looking forward to this for a long time, because we found out after we were all ready to do a wax scene at DCDungeon that wax was not allowed at DCDungeon on account of the facility’s being all carpet.  So this was our opportunity.  So we were ready.  Earlier in the week, I had bought six candles in various colors for the occasion (those “Jesus candles” that you see in grocery stores do quite well for this), and we had lit them and let them simmer for a while after our first scene was done.  For the wax scene, we found the Play House’s bucket of supplies for wax scenes, and went to town with it.  We were determined to contain all of our waxy fun in such a way that we could easily clean up afterwards.  Thus we laid the supplied blankets down on the table and put paper over that.  Then we also put paper on the floor on both sides of the table.  Then I stripped down from underwear to the nude, got up on the table face down, and then blindfolded myself.  Why the blindfold with no bonds?  Because the sensations are that much more intense without the benefit of sight.

This wax scene was far more involved than the wax demo at Dungeon 101 back in January.  This went all the way from my shoulders to my ankles.  First, though, some protection: baby oil, in order to keep the wax from sticking too hard, and make it easy to remove at the end of the scene.  Then came the wax.  It felt wonderful.  Warm, comfortable, and relaxing.  And apparently, Hope really went to town on the back side of me with the wax, as I could feel the wax on my back as it dried, which was an interesting sensation in itself.  It’s a shame that I couldn’t see what was going into this, because I’m told that with all of the various colors on me (red, green, yellow, blue, and white), I looked like a “funfetti cake“.

Then when it came time to take the wax off, that was an interesting feeling, too.  The original plan was to remove the wax with the shrimp deveiner.  That didn’t work, because the shrimp deveiner’s long edge was far too blunt to get under the wax and scrape it off.  We ended up improvising, using a grocery store card to scrape the wax off.  The feeling of the wax being removed was really weird, but similar to the feeling that I had when we removed the tape after that duct tape scene that we did back in February.  It was that sort of pleasurably ticklish sensation, peeling an item off of skin, but as if there was a tiny amount of liquid in between (sweat in the case of the tape, and the baby oil for the wax).  In any case, ooooooh, it was an interesting, fun feeling.  Cleanup after the wax was all off was, as planned, amazingly simple, since we did our homework well ahead of time on that, and left no trace of our waxy fun.

And then after that, we gathered up all of our stuff and headed back to the main room.  There, I got dressed, and we headed out, back to Washington.  All in all, I enjoyed the Play House!  Definitely worth the occasional trip up here for a change of scenery, especially if we want to do wax.  DCDungeon will still be my “home dungeon”, but this was fun, too.