So last weekend, I took my giant tiki spoon out for a spin.  The testing occurred at a play party at Grove Lane Studios in Frederick, Maryland.  That facility is quite awesome, with lounge spaces, a dedicated aftercare room, a balcony space, several private rooms, and a large main dungeon.  It is definitely a good place to have a party, and I had a great time.  I mainly stayed in the balcony space, and then later hit one of the private rooms.

It was in one of the private rooms where my friend and I tested the tiki spoon.  Since this was primarily a test of the spoon, I did this with minimal restraints, no gag, and no blindfold.  After all, the idea was to see just what it could do, and for that, I needed to be able to communicate what I was feeling, and see how things were going.  Going into this test, considering that the spoon is not a particularly heavy object, I expected for it to sting regardless of how it was used.  This turned out not to be the case, about which I was pleasantly surprised.  Turned out that it is a delightfully versatile instrument of torture, depending on how you choose to use it.

First of all, the concave side of the spoon:

The concave side of the spoon

That did exactly what I expected going in, and it was a stinging feeling when I got swatted with it.  I consider it to be good for warming up the body in preparation for other things to come.  However, once the body parts to be worked on are “warm”, continuing to be struck by this sort of object is a short road to a safeword for me.

Then there was the convex side:

The convex side of the spoon

This side surprised me.  I got a thuddy feeling out of it, which I liked.  I wasn’t expecting thud.  I like the deeper feeling, where the impact travels past the surface and is felt more deeply, but I didn’t expect I’d get it out of this fairly light object.  The spoon really doesn’t have a lot of “heft” to it.  It’s a very lightweight object, and I would have expected for something providing such a thuddy impact to have a lot more weight to itself.  I guess the shape of the impacting surface makes all the difference rather than the amount of mass behind it.

And then there was the edge:

The edge of the spoon

This was the biggest surprise.  This was great for sensation play.  I didn’t really give much thought to it before, thinking of the spoon as a spanking tool.  My friend ran the spoon’s edge over the soles of my feet, and it was amazing.  Could totally see this being used after the concave side of the spoon to drive me crazy (in a good way).

And we didn’t even use the whole spoon, either.  The testing at Grove Lane only involved the “spoon” end of the spoon.  We didn’t even try anything with the handle.  Wonder how the back edge of the handle compares to the edge of the bowl of the spoon?  How does being hit with the handle of the spoon feel?  No idea.  Perhaps this will come out in future play events?

Either way, the spoon, found by sheer coincidence at a local thrift store and then lovingly restored, is going to be so much fun to play with.