A few weeks ago, I got together with my friend TerrificTeez, and we did two scenes together, both involving wax play.

But first, I taught TerrificTeez how to tie rope for bondage.  I have tied TerrificTeez up in the past, but it was always in an arms-behind position, so she couldn’t see what I was doing.  My goal was to teach her the classic two-column tie.  I prefer the double rope method with lark’s head (second one down on the linked page) myself, and so this is the style that I taught.  There are certainly other ways to do a two-column tie, such as this minor variation, and other variations that diverge a bit more, but the double-rope style with the lark’s head has always worked well for me, so I was happy to share it.  First thing I did was to tie TerrificTeez’s wrists in front to demonstrate, while she watched.  I had to remember to tie slowly and explain what I was doing as I was doing it, and to stop for any questions as I was going.  Normally, I just make small talk about whatever while I’m getting a person properly restrained, or being properly restrained myself.  After that, I let her out, and she tried it on me, again with arms in front.  She learned quickly, only making one rookie mistake, where she wrapped the rope around my wrists too tightly early on.  And I will admit – I made the same mistakes early on as well.

After this, she let me out, and tied my wrists again, this time from behind:

Ever get that feeling of, "What did I just get myself into?"

Then, all in the name of practice, after I sat down in a chair that I knew I could stand back up from, she tied up my ankles.  Then after I got down on the floor, she put me in a full hogtie.  Something told me that TerrificTeez had become proficient with tying rope.  I just got that idea about it.

And then the rope marks afterwards were stellar:

Rope marks on my wrists following my release

And with that, it was off to the main dungeon (i.e. my bedroom), where the wax scene was to occur.  This was the first time doing a wax scene at my house, and as I live in an apartment, we had to be extra careful not to make a mess.  The only rooms at my house that aren’t carpeted are the bathroom and the kitchen, and I don’t consider either of them to be particularly sexy places for playing.  We ended up putting a waterproof fitted sheet (i.e. “rubber sheets”) over the bed, and then laying an old flat sheet on top of that.  Then we put a sheet that was folded over on the floor next to the bed, and made sure to keep everything within the “wax zone” that we had created.

This was the group of candles that we used:

The group of candles that we used: several different jar candles, and some long candles.

You are looking at six of the narrow jar candles, one larger, scented jar candle, a box of longer, tapered candles, and a bottle of baby oil to prepare the skin.  These all burned at various temperatures, and therefore created different sensations when they hit the skin.  The coolest of all the candles, temperature-wise, was the white jar candle (the one with Jesus on the label).  The hottest candle turned out to be the long, tapered candles.  And somewhat surprisingly, the lightest wax was the big scented candle.

Our scene was a classic switch scenario.  First I was the top and she was the bottom, and then we changed places.  This was also her first time doing any sort of wax play, and my first time being the top in a wax play scene.  I had been the bottom in a wax scene twice before, at Dungeon 101 at the Crucible, and at an open play night at the old Play House, but I had never actually poured wax on someone else before.

Surprisingly, I had a lot of trouble with keeping the narrow jar candles lit.  I would pour the wax down on TerrificTeez’s back, and the flame would go out when I shifted the candle to pour it.  So I was constantly having to relight the candles, which quickly became frustrating for me (but I didn’t show my frustration).  If someone could please comment and tell me what I was doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it, because I’m at a loss about how to rectify this in the future.

When we each finished our respective scenes, we took photos of the results.  First, this was how TerrificTeez’s back looked following her scene:

The result of TerrificTeez's wax scene

The result of TerrificTeez's wax scene

I commented that the result reminded me of abstract art.  That vertical line in powder blue was from one of the jar candles, and it was, surprisingly, a much warmer wax than the other jar candles.  The white dots in a vertical line at left are from one of the long candles.  We didn’t use the big jar candle at all.

And this is what we had after we used a butter knife to scrape it all off:

The wax after I scraped it off of TerrificTeez's back

The wax after I scraped it off of TerrificTeez's back

Mind of reminded me of confetti in the end.

When we switched places, I asked to have my limbs bound, and to be blindfolded.  Then this was the result of my scene:

The result of my own wax scene

The result of my own wax scene

The result of my own wax scene

I believe that this was possibly the messiest that I’ve ever gotten during a wax scene.  I got pretty messy during the scene at the old Play House back in 2012, but not this much.  So much fun, and I really enjoyed the warmer candles.  The big jar candle, a peach-scented one with three wicks, was a surprise.  It was fairly average as far as its warmth went, but it was very runny.  I didn’t mind, though, as it provided a very pleasurable warm sensation that quickly spread over a large area and then rolled down and around.

One thing happened fairly early on that was unexpected: one of the wax pours caused a hair on the middle of my back to burn.  I felt it as a very hot sensation (more than these candles could provide) for about a moment, though I didn’t know what it was that I was feeling at the time.  Has anyone else experienced this before, where wax play accidentally ignites body hair?  I didn’t think that anything that was making body contact was hot enough to do that.

My response when I found out about the burnt hair was perfect: “Now I can add ‘fire play’ to my fetish list.”

This was the aftermath of my wax scene:

All of the wax in a pile after TerrificTeez scraped it off of me

That’s a lot of wax!  Meanwhile, the removal of the wax, assuming proper skin preparation, is a weird feeling in and of itself, and that’s kind of pleasurable as well, in a different way.  It tickled!

And of course, the marks after the rope came off:

The rope marks from the bondage

I do love a good rope mark after a fun scene.  And that’s what these scenes were: a ton of fun.  Based on the amount of laughter that we all had, it was very clear that a fun time was had by all as both of us learned new things.