I was recently at IKEA and saw this:


This is their SKRIBENT bookend.  I don’t know what they had in mind when they designed this, but I immediately saw a little tiny flogging cross up there on the shelf.  If I had an actual collection of fetish-related books to display, I would probably bookend them with a set of these.  As it is, I currently only have one fetish-related book, Fetish Art, and it’s positioned on my bookshelf in such a way so as to be inconspicuous.  One day, perhaps, I’ll have a small library of fetish-related books that I could group together.

I could also see this as being the beginning of a kinky arts and crafts project, i.e. if you need a miniature flogging cross for your project, there you are.

All in all, I just love these sorts of things.  They are pretty inconsequential to most, but to the right set of eyes, they are kinky.