The fork and spoon are now complete:

Wooden fork and spoon, sanded and refinished
Front side

Wooden fork and spoon, sanded and refinished
Back side

They look pretty good, don’t you think?  I sanded the old finish off, and also smoothed out all of the rough edges.  Then I stained them black to match my existing wooden toys, which took about three coats to complete.  Then I applied about three coats of polyurethane, lightly sanding between coats, to create the finished product.

All in all, this was a pretty straightforward project.  The only surprise was finding what was most likely some very old insect damage on the spoon, possibly predating the wood’s being made into a spoon.  That’s why, if you look carefully at the left edge of the bowl of the spoon in the top photo, it’s not a perfectly smooth line.  While I was sanding, the damage revealed itself, and I soon realized that it was far enough along that to try to completely eliminate it would destroy the spoon.  So instead, my plan was to get it to a “stopping point”, i.e. a point where I could be reasonably sure that it wouldn’t injure anyone during play, even if the spoon hit them fairly hard with that edge, and then seal it during the finishing process.  That ended up working fairly well, and while you can definitely tell that there’s an imperfection, it won’t hurt anyone.

Meanwhile, next play session, I’m taking these for a spin.  I envision using the spoon mostly for impact play, and I see the fork’s being useful for some sort of sensation play.  And if you put a condom on the handle end of either one, they could be insertable.  In any case, I think that these should be a lot of fun.