I don’t get nearly enough opportunities as I would like to go out as Jennifer.  Thus far, I’ve gone out as Jennifer four times: twice at BDSM events last year, once in June for photos at Pen Mar Park, and most recently, once in Washington DC on Halloween.  For this most recent outing, I was really debating whether I wanted to go out as Jennifer on Halloween, because I’ve always contended that Jennifer is not a “costume” similar to the way people dress up on Halloween.  This is an expression of a different side of my personality, and runs far deeper than merely dressing up.  Ultimately, I decided to go for it, because I had the night off of work, and I figured that this would be as good of an opportunity as any.  I went with a very close friend and play partner, and our original plan was to walk around the Tidal Basin near the National Mall, and visit the Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorials.  The way I figured, this would be a nice, pleasant walk around the memorials, and I get some more time as Jennifer.  Plus I could rock my purse, which I had not done before.

Getting down to the Mall, we decided to go into East Potomac Park to make the change.  My rationale was that the somewhat remote location of the park would provide me with additional cover to make the change.  However, the more remote location also meant something unexpected: critters.  East Potomac Park had raccoons running through it at night.  My friend even found one in the ladies’ restroom – eek!  We didn’t linger in the restroom, because critters, so I ended up changing in the car, and then drove to another parking lot closer to the Jefferson Memorial.  There, the hood on the zentai went up, and my transformation into Jennifer was complete.  Jennifer wore a teal-colored dress with knockoff Ugg boots (“Fuggs” as I call them) from Payless.  Definitely a fashion plate.

I also quickly discovered something about zentai at night: when you have a light-colored zentai suit at night, you can really only see in a limited range of lighting conditions.  All of my previous experience with Jennifer had been either in ideal lighting or in daylight.  I quickly discovered that I was nearly blind under the dark conditions around the Tidal Basin, and definitely needed my friend to help me as a “handler” of sorts.  I felt very helpless, as I couldn’t see five feet in front of my face, including whether there were any obstructions in my path.  All I could see were the streetlights and the Jefferson Memorial itself.  However, I could see fairly well in the tunnels beneath the Memorial, as well as the area directly in front of the Memorial.  We didn’t go up into the main chamber with the statue, however, because the elevator was out of service, and I didn’t feel comfortable doing all of those steps with the zentai hood up just yet.

However, my friend did get some photos of the Jefferson Memorial, and got me in the bottom corner:

The Jefferson Memorial at night. Jennifer is down in the lower right corner.
The Jefferson Memorial at night.  Jennifer is down in the lower right corner.

Detail of Jennifer at the Jefferson Memorial, from the above photo
Detail of Jennifer at the Jefferson Memorial, from the above photo.

After finishing up at the Jefferson Memorial, we quickly figured out that our original plan of walking around the Tidal Basin wouldn’t work.  Jennifer was just too blind in those darker lighting conditions.  So we left and headed over to Dupont Circle.  We both knew Dupont a lot better than the Tidal Basin, and it was much better lit.

Arriving in Dupont, we parked at 20th and R Streets, and started walking towards the circle.  The improvement over the Mall was readily noticeable.  I could navigate on my own through Dupont, as the lighting conditions were better.  We walked from the car down Connecticut Avenue to the circle, and then back up the other side of Connecticut Avenue.

Since I was feeling much more comfortable in Dupont compared to the Tidal Basin, we got some photos:

Jennifer poses for a photo in front of the Fraser Mansion
Jennifer poses for a photo in front of the Fraser Mansion.

Jennifer poses for a photo in front of Emporium DNA, a women's clothing store
Jennifer poses for a photo in front of Emporium DNA, a women’s clothing store.

And then when we returned to the car, that was the end of our night.  I changed back, and we went back home.  All in all, I’d say that a fun time was had by all.  I also learned a few things in the process.  First of all, I am genuinely shocked at how good I looked as Jennifer.  Second, I really need to get over my inhibitions and come up with a second version of Jennifer that uses makeup instead of a zentai suit, because the vision issue is too important.  I love the look of zentai Jennifer, and I love the feeling of encasement in spandex, but I need to change the design a bit if I’m to do more night stuff as Jennifer, because the vision issue makes the zentai somewhat difficult to work with.  So it’s back to the drawing board there, I suppose.  However, I do want to take Jennifer through Dupont Circle a few more times in her current form, because that was genuinely fun.