I guess that you could say, “That escalated quickly.”  Since last we spoke, I have been going out as Jennifer quite a bit, and having a lot of fun with it.  On the days that I don’t have work, when I need to go out, I’ve been putting on the gold zentai and being Jennifer.  I’ve also put some renewed effort into it, getting some new outfits, as well as new boobs.  Recall that Jennifer’s original breasts were homemade, made out of nylon stockings and rice:

Jennifer's original breasts

I had to remake the rice boobs at some point, because the rice started to leak out through the nylon:

Jennifer's second-generation homemade breasts

The second-generation boobs had more layers of nylon, and as a result, they were a lot more robust, and could stand up to a lot more abuse.  However, in going out as Jennifer all day, I discovered one thing: those breasts were very heavy, and they were giving me some lower back pain.  They also tended to sink down over the course of a day, which wasn’t necessarily what I wanted.

So I upgraded to silicone.  I initially bought this model, which was a one-piece chest harness.  Basically, you strapped it onto your chest, and voila – boobs.  However, I believe that I have a larger frame than these were designed for, because they felt a tad undersized on my body.  Too small, and too centered.  So those went back to Amazon, and I ended up getting these:

Jennifer's new silicone breasts

These new boobs also came from Amazon, and look and feel a bit more natural.  The original rice boobs were designed for when I was a bit bigger than I am now, and these fit my new figure a bit more, and don’t weigh as much, either.  I was also concerned about the rice’s interacting with any perspiration, and this obviates that concern.

And then here are some of Jennifer’s new outfits:

Space leggings with a tie-front dress
Space leggings with a tie-front dress

Black skirt with a Kmart shirt
Black skirt with a Kmart shirt

Little black dress Little black dress
Little black dress

Pink sleeveless dress
Pink sleeveless dress

And the best part is that I actually “read” as a woman when so attired.  I get called “ma’am” while out in public, people have shown me to the ladies’ restroom, and, interestingly enough, I’ve been hit on by a few guys.  Some guys have randomly struck up a conversation with me, and the guy cleaning the shopping carts on a recent grocery store trip was just falling all over himself, telling me how he was so happy that I came to get a cart, and how wonderful my outfit was (the pink sleeveless dress).  I have to say, though, that I did not expect to get so much attention from men.  Clearly, Jennifer is “reading” as a woman, but I was not prepared for that.  I admit that it makes me a little bit uncomfortable in the moment, because it’s a situation that is less familiar to me, and I don’t really know how to react to it.  It’s a learning experience, for sure, and I think that my experience as being Jennifer will help make me a better, perhaps more understanding, person overall.

I’m also surprised how little notice that people have given to a person dressed head-to-toe in a zentai that covers by entire body.  When I go out, I act like the zentai is the most natural thing ever, and while I’ve gotten a few questions about it from people, mostly asking if I was that concerned about coronavirus (to which I say, “I figure, if I have to cover up, I might as well look fabulous!”), most people don’t even blink an eye about it.  My girlfriend gets more attention because she can’t wear a mask than I do in the zentai.  Strange times that we’re living in.  Another friend who is “in” on Jennifer observed people’s reactions to me, and they said that while I did get a few looks here and there, most people acted like it was the most normal thing ever.  I admit, though, that I felt a bit of trepidation going into a 7-Eleven as Jennifer for the first time, but the employees acted like they’d seen it hundreds of times before.  That non-reaction definitely put me at ease, and I’ve not had any issues going into a 7-Eleven or other convenience store.

Meanwhile, I admit that I am completely turned on by the sight of myself in these outfits.  When I put the suit and everything on, put the outfits on, and then look at myself in the mirror, I see a very attractive woman staring back at me, and I absolutely love it.  And I’m more impressed than anyone that I can now confidently walk in heels.

And lastly, I think that some of the enjoyment of Jennifer comes from a certain element of escapism.  When I put on the zentai, the wig, and the outfits, I am someone else.  I am not a guy in his late thirties when I’m so attired.  When I am dressed up, I am Jennifer, a somewhat younger woman who is her own boss, working as a freelance photographer.  It’s fun getting into the character, and being someone else for a while.  It’s not that I don’t like my normal life – I most certainly do – but it’s still a nice feeling to escape it and become another person for a while.

So all in all, I guess you could say that Jennifer has, thus far, been a good experience for me in a number of ways, and it’s been a lot of fun.