I actually had one of my all-time favorite play scenes at the second TNG happy hour that I attended at The Spot in late February. My friend Hope had come with me to that particular happy hour, and after the educational session, we did a scene in the designated play area. First she tied a rope harness around my chest and over my shoulders. Then she did a two-column tie around my wrists, securing my hands behind my back. Then she added additional rope around my elbows. Suffice to say, I wasn’t getting out of that. After I was all tied up, Hope got the ballgag out of my bag, put the ball in my mouth, and secured the strap behind my head, gagging me.

The ballgag, by the way, was a new feeling for me. True, I had tried on a ballgag before, but never before had I been really, truly gagged. I mentioned a while ago that the person who is tape gagged is really only gagged by choice. After all, if you open your mouth, that’s the end of the gag. Every time prior to this, when a gag was involved, it had been with duct tape. This time, it was something secured in my mouth with a buckle, and my hands were securely tied behind my back. That gag was staying there until someone else removed it for me – definitely a new feeling. I liked that feeling, but it was a new feeling.

After I was gagged, I indicated to Hope through the gag that there was something else in my bag that I wanted her to use on me. She looked, and found a green bandanna. I had folded it for use as a blindfold at home earlier, and Hope saw where I was going with it when she found it folded that way in my bag. So she blindfolded me, and then said to me, “You’re fucked.” After all, I was bound, gagged, and blindfolded. I was definitely someone’s bitch right then. I’m sure I looked amusing, wearing jeans, fleece-lined Crocs, and some sort of turtleneck, while bound, ballgagged, and blindfolded.

There were many feelings going through me right then. First, I felt a sense of accomplishment. You don’t know how many years – decades, even – that I had fantasized about being in exactly this position. And now here I was – bound, gagged, and blindfolded, just like I’d dreamed about for decades. I also was excited. I loved the feeling of being all tied up, gagged, and blindfolded in such a way that I couldn’t escape. I loved the feel of the ropes holding my wrists securely behind my back. I enjoyed running my tongue over the back of the gag. And the blindfold created a little world of pleasure – just for me. And lastly, I was nervous with anticipation of fun to come.

What Hope ended up doing was using a number of implements on me from her own toy bag. She ran some beads over my face. She administered a light flogging. She used what she said was a knife on my skin. Much to my surprise, she used a small bullet vibrator on me – and yes, right where you think: down there, over my jeans. I was also amused when Hope told me that I was drooling on myself from the gag. Kinda gross, but funny all the same. She then asked me to kind of lay over her lap so that she could administer a spanking. That I couldn’t do – in my bound, gagged, and blindfolded state, I couldn’t figure out how to assume that position without risking falling down and potential injury, and communicated as much through my gag, saying, in muffled tones, “I don’t know how to…” So she ended up having me bend over one of the small, wooden cubelike pieces of furniture up there. First she spanked me with some sort of light implement, and then administered a more thuddy spanking. That felt awesome. Then came the biggest surprise of the night: tickling! I had updated my fetish list on FetLife the night before to indicate that I was curious about tickling, and Hope had noticed it. I was surprised to see what I considered a minor profile change get noticed (and acted upon), but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The tickling was the last thing that Hope did in our scene, but through it all, I had reached subspace. In my mind, I was no longer in the basement of a building a few blocks south of Dupont Circle in DC.  I was off in happy land. I don’t know how long our scene actually lasted, because getting in that sort of zone alters one’s perception of time.

After having time to enjoy the glow of subspace and then come back down from it, still fully bound, gagged, and blindfolded, Hope then went to work getting me out of my “predicament”. First she undid my wrists, then she undid my elbows, and then she took out the gag. However, before undoing my blindfold, she asked me to name the items that she used on me. I named a flogger, a paddle, a knife, her fingers, and a vibrator. Okay. Then she took off the blindfold. Turns out there was no knife – my “knife” was three wooden rulers tied together at one end (I thought that it felt a little scratchy). I had even seen these rulers the weekend before at DCDungeon. Turns out that I had experienced my first mindfuck. And I really enjoyed it, too! The rulers were also the “paddle” that I was spanked with. And I had completely forgotten about the beads that were used on me at the beginning of the scene.

Following the reveal of the various implements, we undid the rope harness, put everything away, and then each got a beer from the bar. Not a bad time, and it turns out that a number of people watched our scene and enjoyed it. Awesome!