Jennifer’s night on the town…

I don’t get nearly enough opportunities as I would like to go out as Jennifer.  Thus far, I’ve gone out as Jennifer four times: twice at BDSM events last year, once in June for photos at Pen Mar Park, and most recently, once in Washington DC on Halloween.  For this most recent outing, I was really debating whether I wanted to go out as Jennifer on Halloween, because I’ve always contended that Jennifer is not a “costume” similar to the way people dress up on Halloween.  This is an expression of a different side of my personality, and runs far deeper than merely dressing up.  Ultimately, I decided to go for it, because I had the night off of work, and I figured that this would be as good of an opportunity as any.  I went with a very close friend and play partner, and our original plan was to walk around the Tidal Basin near the National Mall, and visit the Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorials.  The way I figured, this would be a nice, pleasant walk around the memorials, and I get some more time as Jennifer.  Plus I could rock my purse, which I had not done before.

Getting down to the Mall, we decided to go into East Potomac Park to make the change.  My rationale was that the somewhat remote location of the park would provide me with additional cover to make the change.  However, the more remote location also meant something unexpected: critters.  East Potomac Park had raccoons running through it at night.  My friend even found one in the ladies’ restroom – eek!  We didn’t linger in the restroom, because critters, so I ended up changing in the car, and then drove to another parking lot closer to the Jefferson Memorial.  There, the hood on the zentai went up, and my transformation into Jennifer was complete.  Jennifer wore a teal-colored dress with knockoff Ugg boots (“Fuggs” as I call them) from Payless.  Definitely a fashion plate.

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And the fork and spoon are done…

The fork and spoon are now complete:

Wooden fork and spoon, sanded and refinished
Front side

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I think this takes the cake for overpriced fetish gear…

I was recently at a Spencer’s store with a friend who is also in the scene, and we looked at the section in the back that sells more adult-oriented items.  For those not familiar, Spencer’s is a mall store that sells mostly joke gifts and such, and generally, the further back in the store you go, the less “family-friendly” the store gets, with “PG-rated” stuff in front, going through “PG-13” to “R” to “NC-17” as you get to the back where the sex toys are.  For the most part, if you’re over 30, you are probably too mature for Spencer’s.  I’m still surprised that there’s a mall store that sells actual sex toys in the first place, even if they are basically junk, but there you go, I suppose.

However, the phrase, “there’s a sucker born every minute” definitely applies here.  Check this out:

"Nipple clamps" at Spencer's

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Please pass the silverware…

Sometimes, you never know what you’re going to find when you go thrift store shopping.  I remember when I first found that large tiki spoon at a thrift store in Silver Spring.  Now, I found some more “silverware” at a thrift store in Calverton.  Check these out:

Tiki fork and spoon

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Finally, some Jennifer photos…

I finally got some photos of my “Jennifer” persona for you to see.  It took a lot longer than I wanted to schedule an opportunity to do these, but I suppose that good things take time.  I could have done this a lot more quickly, but I didn’t want to do them at the house, out of concern that someone might recognize my decor from other Internet projects.  Since this shoot was to be “vanilla” in nature, my friend and I went up to Pen Mar Park in Washington County, Maryland and did the photos in the great outdoors.

As per usual, Jennifer is created by putting on a bra, adding breasts made from rice (I am eventually going to replace those with silicone, but rice works for now), and then adding a skintone zentai over it.  The wig and the (embarrassingly cheap) jewelry are also standard for Jennifer.

We did the shoot using two different outfits.  The first outfit was a navy blue sheath-style dress with a tan sweater and tan sandals, which we shot against a wooded backdrop:

Jennifer in blue sheath dress and tan sweater, with tan sandals.

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Jennifer makes her debut…

Back at the beginning of September, Jennifer, my feminine persona, made her debut at a private play party.  As Jennifer, I wore a navy blue sheath dress from Old Navy, along with the other effects that turn me into Jennifer, i.e. rice boobs, zentai, and wig.  Unfortunately, however, since I was still recovering from a broken bone in my foot about a month prior, I couldn’t wear proper footwear.  Therefore, rather than wear Jennifer’s shoes, I had to go with a pair of Crocs, since Jennifer’s shoes were too painful to wear with the injury still actively healing.  But hey, at least I didn’t have to wear a boot anymore.

Going out as Jennifer for the first time was kind of “eh”.  I knew the people that I was with, but I hadn’t been able to completely drop my inhibitions and relax.  I felt uptight, not quite knowing how to behave as Jennifer.  I mostly stood back and watched from the sidelines as others did their thing.  I think the biggest thing was becoming comfortable in Jennifer’s skin, and I suppose this first time was as good of a start as any.  However, I have a long way to go before I am really comfortable as Jennifer around others.  Becoming Jennifer at home is one thing, since I live by myself, and I’m just walking around the house feeling the fabric against my skin, and trying to walk convincingly in heels.  Being Jennifer in front of others is an entirely different matter.

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Exploring the woman within…

As I’ve gone through my thirties, I have really been more open to exploring my inner self.  When I was in my twenties, I was more concerned about what “other people” might think.  Now that I’m in my thirties, I have come to realize that said “other people” are too busy dealing with their own insecurities, and therefore aren’t paying close attention to me.  With that realization, there’s a certain level of “fuck it, let’s do it” that comes to mind, because, after all, you only live once.  I also love the freedom that we have as children to do and explore whatever we want in the name of child’s play, and it makes me sad the way society then pushes us into conformity with certain gender norms as we get older.  It raises our inhibitions, and makes us less willing to go outside those norms.

I generally go through life as a cisgendered male.  I have the male anatomy, I dress in men’s clothing, etc.  However, when I was growing up, I remember thinking how much more interesting the “girl” toys that were advertised on Saturday morning were than the “boy” toys.  I also secretly envied the far more exciting and fun outfits that women got to wear.  I loved the clothes, and I loved the shoes.  After all, men’s clothing is pretty formulaic, and the shoes aren’t that exciting, either.  Not much in the way of excitement there.  When I was around 12 years old, I secretly tried on some female clothing, and it actually felt pretty good.  However, at that age, I kept that side well hidden, because, you know, middle school and all.  Then I unconsciously put it away for quite some time.

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Somehow, when I teach people how to tie rope, I always end up hogtied in the end…

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.  I taught my friend BroadSpectrum how to do a two-column tie, and she caught on really quickly.  The way I usually do it is to demonstrate the tie on the hands of the person learning, by tying their hands in front.  Then I get them to tie my hands in front (so that I can observe), and then we have a little fun with it.  And in this case, I got my arms tied from behind, I got my feet tied, and then, in explaining that the two-column tie can be used on any two things, got put in a hogtie.

This is also when I learned something about BroadSpectrum: she has a seriously evil streak.  That led to a scene where I was blindfolded, ballgagged, and then spanked and tickled.  I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was definitely surprised at how quickly she got into her zone as a top.  She considers herself something of a switch, but I think she’s got more top in her than bottom.  She also played with sound to an extent, making snapping noises with some leather belts near my head before administering a few whacks to my clothed backside.  Plus all sorts of tickling.  Needless to say, we had fun.

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For every kinkster’s bookshelf?

I was recently at IKEA and saw this:


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Dear FetLife users: ditch that ridiculous warning, already.

If you’ve been on FetLife for more than about ten minutes, you’ve probably seen a warning in various places on people’s profile pages.  It usually reads something like this:

WARNING to any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites: You do not have my permission to use any of my pictures, information from my profile or discussions, or anything I post in any of the forums or groups on this website in any form or forum both current or future without prior written consent.  You do not have my permission to copy, save, print, or repost our pictures, discussions, or information without prior written consent.  If you have done or do any of the above, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and personal property and will be subject to all legal remedies.

To give you an idea about how pervasive this “warning” is, in order to look for a copy of the text, I went down my FetLife feed and opened up the profiles of my five most recent friend additions.  Four out the five had some variation of it on their profiles.  If you are one of those people that has this “warning” on your profile, my advice to you is to get rid of it.

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